Halloween in Africa

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I don't know how it happened - but somehow this year America's Halloween became big in South Africa. Oh, wait, I do know how... business owners realised that they could make more money by throwing just a little marketing into Halloween. I don't like it, but it is smart. :)

Kerry-Anne and I were stuck at home (as she's still recovering from that arthroscopy), but over this past weekend many of our friends attended fancy-dress Halloween parties and nightclubs organised special parties to draw the crowds.

Did you do something "special" this past weekend? Did you attend a Halloween party? Please leave a comment here.

One thought on “Halloween in Africa

  1. Bev

    Halloween is very big over here Paul but we try to avoid it as much as possible.

    Sadly like so many other celebrations it’s got so commercialised that it’s just become yet another reason for the shops to be stacked with cheap trash for folk to spend a fortune on goodies for one night only and we no longer have the little kiddies knocking on the doors for ‘trick or treat’ as parent fear for letting their youngsters wonder out at night time on their own – sad isn’t it..

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