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Halloween in Africa

Discotheque, The Sangoma's Curse
I don't know how it happened - but somehow this year America's Halloween became big in South Africa. Oh, wait, I do know how... business owners realised that they could make more money by throwing just a little marketing into Halloween. I don't like it, but it is smart. :)

Kerry-Anne and I were stuck at home (as she's still recovering from that arthroscopy), but over this past weekend many of our friends attended fancy-dress Halloween parties and nightclubs organised special parties to draw the crowds.

Did you do something "special" this past weekend? Did you attend a Halloween party? Please leave a comment here.

The Assembly

The Assembly
The Assembly, in Cape Town's Harrington Street, was once a warehouse, but since late 2007 has been a welcoming host to local musical talent.

Visiting Assembly is plenty of fun. What's awesome is that they have a slick website that's constantly updated with information about future events. As an example of slick, check out the upcoming Discotheque & Arcade: Mr Majestic's Cirque de Fantastic. Doesn't the event description sound just awesome? Did you notice that the page links to the individual artist's respective pages with detailed information and a calendar to let you know on which other nights they're playing? I found this site refreshingly different to the outdated and unmaintained sites I often encounter.

Check out their contact page for contact info as well as a map to the venue.

"In true Arcade fashion you’re invited to enter the world of enchantment where you will experience mischievous wonderment in marvelously epic proportions. The magic will course through your body overwhelming your senses, luring and bewitching you into the world of circus carnival, a world of charm, temptation, charisma and splendor." - Mr Majestic's Cirque de Fantastic