Now that’s a dirty swimming pool!

A dirty swimming pool
First let me say that this isn't my swimming pool. :) I held my camera over a rather tall wall to take this random picture of what looks like the swimming pool of an school or sports club in Cape Town (over the road from Vigiletti Motors in Roeland Street).

It's really easy to keep my own pool clean during the cool winter months. All that I do is dump a cup of chlorine into the water once or twice a week and run the pump every second day (I don't have one of those fancy salt water chlorinators). However, now that the air has warmed up again I'm back to adding chlorine daily and running the pool pump for hours on end.

I wish there were a more energy efficient way to keep pools clean. It often feels like we don't make enough use of the pool to justify it's existence. This mindset however changes quickly when the heat of January an February strikes us in Cape Town. :)

2 thoughts on “Now that’s a dirty swimming pool!

  1. Bev

    I’m afraid that doesn’t look very welcoming – shame really as I’m sure there are lots of youngsters that would so love the chance to go swimming and generally relax and hang out around a pool…

  2. Paul

    Post author

    It’s a pity – yes, it could be put to great use. I believe it’s not cheap keeping a pool of that size clean – so I guess that would be the reason for this greenness.

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