Vines and wines of the Cape

Vineyards of Constantia
After a winter of leafless barren-looking vines, these tiny ones are the first that I've had the pleasure of seeing this spring. In only a couple of months these small vines will be looking absolutely huge with plush green leaves and will (hopefully) be laden with huge and juicy bunches of grapes.

I can't claim to be a wine connoisseur, but I'm very reliably (and perhaps biasly ;) ) told that Cape Town produces some of the best wine in the world. So, if you're not from these parts but would like to try our wines check out wineweb, a local site that allows you to order a huge variety of our glorious wines over the Web.

While browsing I spotted this, well-priced, pack of 6 different wines from the Spier wine estate - doesn't it sound awesome?

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