The Mayan guys

The Mayan guys
For some time people all over South Africa have spotted guys dressed like traditional Mayan's at parties, nightclubs, and many other social places. I must have been locked away in a dark cupboard for the last few weeks, so knew nothing of them, but Mandy was kind enough to explain their significance at the Whiskey Festival that we attended on Wednesday evening.

It's simple - apparently the Mayan's are part of a J&B's Start A Party competition which will have winners will be flown over the Atlantic ocean to a huge party that's happening in Mexico on 27 November. How Mandy managed to pry this information from the guys, I don't know. Apparently they're are under strict instruction not to talk.

Click here you'd like to see a few more photos from the whiskey festival. Alternatively, if you'd like to read a more detailed account of the various whiskey's at the event click here to read Mandy's article.

One thought on “The Mayan guys

  1. Caroline

    I saw these guys at the Whisky Live festival and wondered what they were advertising. Thanks. Now I know. It was a fantastic occasion.

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