South African Scottish Whisky

Drayman's Single Malt Whisky
This South African whisky is made after the style and tradition of Scottish whisky (which is why it's called whisky and not whiskey). I drew a tasting from this bottle at the whiskey festival (that I mentioned in my previous post) and was surprised that even though it wasn't manufactured at one of the legendary Scottish distilleries, it tasted - well - pretty good! Granted, I'm not a whisky or whiskey connoisseur - but it sure tasted like the real deal.

Drayman’s (micro) Distillery, perhaps better known for it's brewing of beer, opened it's doors in 2006. Moritz Kallmeyer (distiller, owner, and the guy in the photo) started his small distillery by blending various Scottish whiskys to make Drayman's Solera Whisky. It was naturally only possible for him to start selling his own single malt (seen in the photo) a couple of years thereafter - apparently whisky takes at least 3 to 5 years to mature.

I guess distilling whisky's not exactly the job for an impatient sole as myself. :)

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  1. Paul

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    No bro, it can’t be. Scotch, I believe, is the ingredient used in the treatment folk often apply to upholstery or carpets… you know, to protect them from stains and the like. Oh dear indeed…

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