The whiskey festival

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Malt
Mandy from dragged me along to the annual FNB Whiskey Live Festival in the CTICC. Okay, to be truthful, perhaps "dragged me along" isn't quite the right turn of phrase. ;)

We arrived at the doors at about 18h30 and spent the evening walking from booth to booth sipping an array of whiskeys far too complex for either of our pallets.

I'll fill you in a little more about the festival in my next post, but for now - if you enjoy whiskey (or the ridiculousely beautiful ladies serving the drinks) make your way to the CTICC asap. Note that time is short - Friday 5 November is the last Cape Town day. If you miss this one you'll have to fly to Jozi next week!

Remember to be safe - don't drink too much and then think it's okay to drive home. It's way cooler to have your mom fetch you than to be locked up your local police station for the night. :)

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