A chef at work

A chef at work
While on honeymoon, a while back now, Kerry-Anne and I spent a short while at the spectacular Vineyard Hotel. Recently a friend invited a few of us to spend the evening enjoying a 6 course dinner at at Myoga, one of the Hotel's restaurants. The meal was wonderful. The portions were certainly not large, but on conclusion of the sixth, I felt as though I'd eaten a small elephant - and a pretty tasty one at that!

The strangely unusual thing about Mayoga is that the kitchen is more or less situated amidst the diners, so that you have a view into what the chefs are up to. Now you may not think that's strange or unusual, but what we discovered is that even by visiting the lavatories you can't escape a view of the kitchen - they have LDC monitors inside each cubical, showing the chefs preparing food in the kitchen!

Now that's kind strange, wouldn't you say so?

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