Road cones and wheelchairs

Road Cone

In addition to a couple of stairs on the opposite side of the pillar (on the right-side of the photo), this little ramp connects the first floor of V&A Waterfront mall with restaurants that overlook the amphitheatre, and (currently) the Wheel of Excellence.

Unless you know someone who uses a wheelchair, I guess you're unlikely to realise how difficult the simplest of navigational tasks can be. I've never had to make use of one, but from what I can see, the V&A Waterfront is pretty wheelchair-friendly. Most folk use escalators to get to the upper level of the shopping centre, but there are also lifts that you could use if you're reliant on a wheelchair. The Waterfront area has two or three major levels outside and each is accessible by wheelchair; although I can imagine that one may need some assistance to use the ramps as I imagine it's pretty tiring to scoot yourself up the incline.

In case you're traveling without a wheelchair, or for some reason require one when visiting, call 021 408 7500 (preferably a day in advance) to book one. Hire is free of charge, but requires a R50 refundable deposit.

Visit Accessible Cape Town for stacks of information that would help people with impaired mobility, vision and hearing.

3 thoughts on “Road cones and wheelchairs

  1. Anita

    Paul, the original idea is great, and for that I want to salute the V&A Waterfront, who really put in a lot of effort to be wheelchair friendly. As someone who was in a wheelchair for quite some time, I can tell you that you’ll pretty much need to be a tarzan to manoeuvre at that angle. It can be done,but I wouldn’t do it.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Anita, perhaps it’s just the angle at which I took the photo that makes it look more Tarzanish than it really is.

    But yes, I can see that with such a tight corner, any incline could be tough to navigate. Perhaps the original designers designed without consulting people who know what’s good and what’s bad. It must suck terribly to have to find someone to assist you when encountering an obstacle that’s too dangerous (or impossible) to navigate on your own.

    I can imagine it must be frustrating as hell. :(

  3. Renegade

    Well said. I never thought I would accept this opinion, but I’m starting to see things from a different point of view. I have to study more on this as it seems very interesting. One thing I don’t understand though is how everything is related together.

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