How to exit an underground parking garage

Underground parking garage exit
On hot days I really appreciate the layers of thick concrete under which we're able to park. Unfortunately, facilities such as in this parking garage is extremely limited in Cape Town - so most folk park in the direct sun, and return to cars that appear to almost glow with heat inside.

While I greatly appreciate underground parking, the thing that I find almost unbearable is the rush to get out from undercover parking after an event. When going to see shows at the CTICC and Waterfront it's almost mandatory to park in such an undercover parking lot. While the exits manage regular traffic perfectly adequately, if everyone leaves the venue at once it can easily take between 1 and 2 hours to get through the boom gates.

Perhaps it's obvious to you, but the experience that I've had has taught me to:

  1. preempt where traffic exiting the garage will be congested
  2. park as close to the garage exit as possible, even if it entails walking a few hundred meters more
  3. reverse into the parking bay so that you can make a quick and easy exit
  4. consider finding a coffee shop and relax while everyone else fights to leave :)

9 thoughts on “How to exit an underground parking garage

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  2. Ali

    Haha, the photo remind me of the drop off of one of friends at JNB International. When we brought her to the Gate, we forgot where I parked the fucking car! *lol* But with a help of a guard and a R5 tip, we eventually found it.

    BTW: I’ve never experienced a South African, who parked his car reversed. Usually at Cresta mall, my car was the only one that was parked reversed. So it was quite easy to relocate it. And it was very easy to leave the parking area. I should maybe work as a driving instructor in ZA. Seems to be a big market niche. Do you want to be my South African business partner? Or must the person be a black man? :D

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Ali, I can’t say that I often forget where I’ve parked – but then, I’ve never had to park at JNB International. :)

    Parking in reverse is HUGE in Cape Town. I’ve noticed that most often coloured/mixed-race folk (guys and ladies) will park in reverse, whereas most white peeps wouldn’t. I kinda alternate, depending on how I feel on the day.

    A driving instructor? Errr… I’m not confident that there’s much money in that. But. If you’d like to do all the hard work, and allow me to skim off the profits, then I’m sure we can organise something. ;)

  4. Ali

    I only remember two times missing my car. One time at JNB Intl and the other one at Shopping mall Cresta. It was quite early during my ZA stay, I think my second week. And I was definitely too busy being scared of a potential mug to remember where I parked my car. :S

    It’s funny that even the parking direction seems to be a matter of race in ZA. :D When I parked reversed the guard usually looked like: “Uhh damn, this guy doesn’t need help and will not give a tip…”

    From my observations, low driving skills in ZA is a very big issue! If we start as driving instructors, we may raise the official costs to German standards (about R20,000) — and reduce the opportunity to bribe for a licence So it could be a nice income. :D

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