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How to exit an underground parking garage

Underground parking garage exit
On hot days I really appreciate the layers of thick concrete under which we're able to park. Unfortunately, facilities such as in this parking garage is extremely limited in Cape Town - so most folk park in the direct sun, and return to cars that appear to almost glow with heat inside.

While I greatly appreciate underground parking, the thing that I find almost unbearable is the rush to get out from undercover parking after an event. When going to see shows at the CTICC and Waterfront it's almost mandatory to park in such an undercover parking lot. While the exits manage regular traffic perfectly adequately, if everyone leaves the venue at once it can easily take between 1 and 2 hours to get through the boom gates.

Perhaps it's obvious to you, but the experience that I've had has taught me to:

  1. preempt where traffic exiting the garage will be congested
  2. park as close to the garage exit as possible, even if it entails walking a few hundred meters more
  3. reverse into the parking bay so that you can make a quick and easy exit
  4. consider finding a coffee shop and relax while everyone else fights to leave :)