Pretty fluffy white weeds

Pretty fluffy white weeds
Wouldn't it be great if we loved weeds as much as we loved our garden plants? I'm sure we'd have the most water-wise gardens in the world - it seems that weeds grow where nothing else will; even in the absence of water! Perhaps it's just time that we learn to love weeds. :)

These particular weeds are extremely prolific in our area. I googled for a while to learn their name - but alas, couldn't find anything that looked similar except, of course, for the Hairy Fleabane, which is also fluffy and white, but also quite different.

Do you perhaps know this weed's name?

3 thoughts on “Pretty fluffy white weeds

  1. Paul

    Post author

    London Caller, lol, yes, perhaps. :)

    mjw! Thank you! I love how the article encourages you to grow them. I think I’m going to locate some and plant them in that barren sandy soil along the pathway to our door. (Just DON’T TELL Kerry-Anne!)

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