The Rat Race comes to town

Flowers and Spa Salts
Cape Town is one of the three major centers in South Africa. However, even though this is the case it's always been known to be a little more chilled than our northern and north-eastern counterparts. We're often referred to as "slaap stad" (sleep city), and we've been known to knock off at work a little early to cycle around the mountain, visit the beach or walk in the forests.

Lately however it seems that with the migration of hard-working Johannesburg residents to Cape Town that the city has started working longer and harder, and that we've started missing out on what our natural surroundings have to offer. With all the stress and strain our harder working regimen has brought we've started ignoring the natural rejuvenation that nature offers - and it's taking a toll on our minds and bodies.

This I'm guessing is the reason why over the past few years we've seen a huge increase in the number of day spas all over the city and suburbs... if only we had the time to make more use of them... if only we had the time to make use of our mountain, forests, and oceans!

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