Taxis and airport transfers

Taxis and cars
A friend from the UK recently visited South Africa for the first time, and since it was the first time he'd been to an African country, and since he was here on business he decided to make use of transfers and taxis.

After reviewing the cost of transfers to the airport to various suburbs I realised that I must certainly be in the wrong profession - taxi operators must be making a killing!

What I found strange was that it costs more than double the price to get from the airport to where I live in Durbanville than it costs to get into the City... even though the distance is largely comparable. What's also interesting is that it costs the same amount of money to travel from the airport to Durbanville than what it costs to travel another 20 or 30 kilometers to Melkbos (the small seaside town a little way beyond Blouberg).

If you plan on visiting Cape Town, rather hire a small car with a GPS - you'll more than certainly save a lot of money (unless of course you intend never leaving your hotel). :)

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