People, balloons and an MP3 experiment

People, balloons and an MP3 Experiment
A while back we signed up to attend the MP3 Experiment event in Camps Bay. The idea was that everyone attending the event was to download an MP3 audio file that they weren't allowed to listen to before the event. At precisely 15h00 everyone gathered at the specific spot in Camps Bay was to start playing the MP3 - obeying every instruction given by the "omnipotent Steve".

For over an hour we stretched, waved, walked about, played tag, made a human dart board, and engaged in "The Epic Battle"... all under instruction of the voice in our MP3 players.

If this sounds a little weird (and I'm sure it does), take a moment to see our photo album and watch the event unfolding to the voice of the "omnipotent Steve", being careful not to miss the Epic Battle.