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A kid, a sprinkler, and a really wet sibling

A kid, a sprinkler, and a really wet sibling
I watched for a few minutes as the little boy used the sprinkler to chase his brother around the lawn at the Company's Gardens while their mother stood watching a little way away with a big grin on her grill. :) Aren't they cute?

A silent carousel at the V&A Waterfront

A silent carousel at the V&A Waterfront
This little carousel has been at the V&A Waterfront (near the Clock Tower) since just before Christmas day and will be sticking around for a few more days, until 17 January.

While the carousel looks awesome, we were very disappointed that it lacked that typical carousel music - well, it lacked music completely! Who would operate a carousel without music?!

So, even though it only costs R10 per person the absence of that enchanting music disappointed us so much that we decided to skip the ride. :(

Tobogganing at Cool Runnings

Toboganning at Cool Runnings
If you haven't been tobogganing at Cool Runnings in Tyger Valley yet then you're missing out on a whole lot of fun. And, don't be fooled, even though it's dominated by kids it's certainly not for kids only - there were several older "kids" getting their piece of the action while we were there.

One tip - if you're not keen in queuing to catch your car, then it's best to either go early (when they open at 11am in the week and 9am on the weekend) or about an hour before closing time, which is 6pm.

People, balloons and an MP3 experiment

People, balloons and an MP3 Experiment
A while back we signed up to attend the MP3 Experiment event in Camps Bay. The idea was that everyone attending the event was to download an MP3 audio file that they weren't allowed to listen to before the event. At precisely 15h00 everyone gathered at the specific spot in Camps Bay was to start playing the MP3 - obeying every instruction given by the "omnipotent Steve".

For over an hour we stretched, waved, walked about, played tag, made a human dart board, and engaged in "The Epic Battle"... all under instruction of the voice in our MP3 players.

If this sounds a little weird (and I'm sure it does), take a moment to see our photo album and watch the event unfolding to the voice of the "omnipotent Steve", being careful not to miss the Epic Battle.