Protect our trees

Protect our trees
It's not necessary, I'm sure, to say that trees are vital to our ecology. When we think about trees and their worth I guess we'd all consider how they protect land from soil erosion, provide places for birds to hide from predators, and how they act as a source of food for many animals. Take a moment to read this article on the value of trees by The Department of Biodiversity & Conservation Biology of The University of the Western Cape.

Governments around the world regularly meet to discuss desertification and formulate policy and law to protect the natural environment. South Africa isn't any different, our government have put in place various pans and policies to protect our fragile environment. Some would argue that they're not doing enough, and other would argue that they're doing the best that they can with the available funding.

Take a look at this pamphlet that deals with the conservation of plant life, produced for last year's Arbour Day by our local government.

This photo was taken in our leafy suburb of Tokai on the slopes of Table Mountain.

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