Allergy Free Bread

Allergy Free Bread
Isn't it interesting that this deli stocks bread that has allergies? Why would they do that? I've never even heard of bread having allergies, so I guess they'd have to give it away free of charge! ;)

I make my fair share of grammatical errors, but still I find it terribly amusing when signs read differently to how they were intended to read - like this one, and this one.

The sign is located at the Tokai Plantation's tea garden - and I'm sure that they mean that the bread is free of common allergens, or in other words, that they sell allergen-free bread. :)

3 thoughts on “Allergy Free Bread

  1. Ali

    Reminds me of a book that’s called “Happy Aua”. The author collected some photos with grammatical and typing errors readers sent him.

    One of the photos shows a sign which solicits an Happy Hour. Unfortunately, Germans, esp. older persons, often write the words how they think one have to pronounce it (<< weird English?). The crux: We are exposed to much marketing English, so the people usually HEAR the words but have no idea how to spell.

    This is the reason why you can see so much funny signs. "Aua" means "ouch". :D

    Another example from an older friend of mine is the "Internet Explodder". I tried so often to teach her the correct pronounciation. With no success.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Lol, I often refer to Internet Explorer and Internet Exploder (slightly different from Explodder of course)… just because of the poor way in which it in the past implemented the HTML specification. :)

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