Tequila Town – tequila heaven

Tequila Town tequila
Some of our friends regularly organise get-togethers at a little bar on Buitengracht street known as Tequila Town. While I'm not hugely into tequila, I have to admit that it's a pretty sociable drink that quickly gets a party started. :)

Tequila Town serves a pretty large variety of tequila that should keep tequila connoisseurs busy tasting for quite some time. There's plenty of parking right over the road, and there's always one or two parking attendants keeping an eye over your vehicle.

Visit Tequila town in a group of four or more - it's bound to be fun!

9 thoughts on “Tequila Town – tequila heaven

  1. Paul

    Post author

    They are pretty awesome hey Chris, and yes Caroline it can be plenty of fun. The best was sitting on the street curb sipping drinks on a warm and windless Cape Town evening. :)

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