Dunes Restaurant in Hout Bay

Dunes Restaurant in Hout Bay
We popped in at Dunes Restaurant in Hout Bay to watch Cricket, have a drink and light snack. The waiter that greeted us at the door escorted us the the upper level that overlooks the beautiful Hout Bay, and seated us in a prime position to keep an eye on the Cricket while drinking and eating.

Dunes is a great place to visit - it has plenty of interesting decor, they show the sport on big-screen televisions, and the service was pretty good. The olive starter that we had was however not that awesome (I'm told that some of the olives tasted pretty bad) and the portion of Calamari was tasty, but pretty meager for the price - we felt.

This said I'd still recommend a visit. Dunes is a nice place to visit, it's located just over the road from the beach and I've had their Fish & Chips before - which, from what I can remember, was pretty good.

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