A bright green Creme Soda

Creme Soda
One of South Africa's most popular soft drinks is Creme Soda which, in South Africa, is a bright-green, sweet, bubbly, vanilla liquid. The earliest memory that I have of the drink is enjoying it as a Creme Soda ice-cream float at one of our local restaurant chains. Yum!

I believe Creme Soda tastes fairly different in other countries and is more often a clear, light brown, pink, red, or even blue drink. For us, drinking a glass of differently-coloured Creme Soda would be much like trying to drink a mug of red coffee or blue tea. Perfectly distasteful!

When visiting South Africa, you absolutely have to try Creme Soda.
It's green, but you'll love it. :)

14 thoughts on “A bright green Creme Soda

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Interesting that you mention the Green Mamba Chris. We went to a pub/restaurant in Stellenbosch on Tuesday and they had “Green Mamba” on their menu – except that Green Mamba was Creme Soda and Cane… :)

  2. Fred

    I have been trying to find out what flavoring is in SA Creme Soda, but it certainly isn’t Vanilla! (Or at least that is not the dominant flavor). I could swear it tastes just like lychees. Whatever it is, it has a strong perfumey flavor that I find very unpleasant in a soft drink. Of course I am used to vanilla flavored creme soda so was surprised by a bright green, very fragrant, odd tasting drink. Definitely, not good for making a soda float! ;)

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Ha ha, perhaps vanilla tastes different where you come from Fred. ;) I don’t think it’s lychees – I know what you mean though.

    I’ve just checked out the Wikipedia article and found that it tastes like Vanilla in the US, but in SA: “It is green in color, with a rose/floral taste.”.

    In retrospect, I guess that could be a more accurate description, but I have to disagree – it makes a perfect soda float! :D

  4. Mark B

    I am drinking a can of the above South African Spar-letta green cream soda as I write this (purchased in England but in an African shop) and agree that it looks and tastes nothing like English cream soda, which is clear and Vanilla flavoured. This one does taste kind of floral and is scented as described above.

    It’s ok but it’s a totally different drink.

  5. sheilla

    well i tasted american cream soda, and i does not at all taste like south african one, i like the green South African taste and colour, it has a unique flavour

  6. Behest

    It’s fun to know that cream soda is not just green, because my search was “why is cream soda green?”
    And also to know that there’s not even cream involved

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