Llandudno beach outing

Llandudno Beach
I love Llandudno beach. In my opinion it's one of the most beautiful Cape beaches - the fine white sand, even beach line, large outcrop of huge granite boulders, and the awesome mountain views that tower above all make the beach a wonderful place to spend the day.

Only two things put a slight damper on the Landudno experience, (1) the very limited availability of parking, and (2) the numbingly-cold Atlantic ocean's water.

4 thoughts on “Llandudno beach outing

  1. Ali

    (2) the numbingly-cold Atlantic ocean’s water.

    And even now I think that this is just a rude lie to avoid more tourists coming to this beautiful place! :P

    Love the pic, Paul. It impairs my (South African) itchy feet.

  2. Geoff Steen

    Hi, just found your blog while Googling my own (Llandudno Daily Pictures from Llandudno, North Wales). It’s safe to say that your beach looks more exotic than ours…and I bet our water’s even colder!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Geoff, you’re right – your Llandudno looks somewhat different to ours.:) Take a look at this pic that I shot from the beach side. It gives a little more perspective on what the beach area looks like – and, well, may lead you to believe it’s even more exotic than you previously imagined. :)

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