Beaded Africa

Beaded animals
All over our peninsula you'll find road-side vendors that make and sell beaded items... often animals like these. My nephew bought the pink elephant in Hout Bay for a mere R70. Given the amount of time it must have taken to make the little fella, I think he picked up a bargain!

If you're a local, or a visiting tourist, please support our roadside vendors. In a country with a high person to job ratio it's one of the few ways that these guys can make money. Thanks! :)

Visit our other site, the Red Balloon Craft Junction for crafter listings, information about craft markets, and several other bits and pieces that you may find interesting!

4 thoughts on “Beaded Africa

  1. Ali

    I love these things but I didn’t buy any since they’re to kitchy! On several occasions, I found some nice animals made of tin cans. I esp. love a giraffe I found in the 19-on-main bistro at Kalk Bay. Unfortunately, in Joburg I didn’t find a vendor for this stuff.

    But I bought a malachit elephant in CPT — a tough bargain! I remember the first time we passed the stall, the animals where quite cheap. But later they suddenly demanded about R350 or even more. Eventually, I reduced the amount to R90 but the vendor refused to give me more than one animal. *lol*

    First, I had the idea to collect the Big Five made of this kind of stone but unfortunately, I weren’t able to find a rhino. Unbelievable how much ppl. tried to foist a hippo on me as a cheap replacement for the rhino! :D

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Ali, sometimes you find that people bargain with the vendors until they reach a very low price, and then pay them more anyway. Many people just enjoy the bargaining process. :)

    The big 5 in malachit would have been awesome. I’ve seen chess pieces, in the form of African warriors, made of malachit… pretty cool!

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Ali

    Of course, Paul. In ZA, the African in me has broken out! I also started negotiating to a quite low price and than giving the vendor a little more money. Eish! I miss that lifestyle. In Germany, I would never bargain on markets: Gudn Dach, also für den Schlübbor zahl isch aber nüsch mehr als zwee Euro. *lol* (I guess, Kerry-Anne isn’t able to translate! :D)

    I also saw several chess figures made of malachit or dark brown wooden pieces. Loved it.

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