Tokai Plantation – a forest to walk, ride and hike in

Tokai Forest
The Tokai Plantation forms part of the greater Tokai and Cecilia plantations and has been run as a commercial plantation since its establishment in 1885.

Fortunately, even though the plantation is a commercial site, it's open to the general public - offering the opportunity to leave the city and suburbs for a short walk on the slopes of the Table Mountain mountain range. The forest has a picnic area (a little before the entrance to the plantation), but IMO it's far nicer to enjoy a snack at the plantation's tea room and then take a short walk into the woods.

For details about the MTB trail, visit - they have all the info you'll need to plan a fun MTB ride.

3 thoughts on “Tokai Plantation – a forest to walk, ride and hike in

  1. Jim Parris

    Feel free to delete my comment. Nobody likes a critic cluttering these wonderful pages.

    I always enjoy your pictures, but I would like to pass along a thought concerning the grammar in your description. When you use a contraction with the word “it” [see paragraph 1], you may only correctly do so when you mean to say “it is,” as in paragraph 2. Unlike other words in English, the possessive for it doesn’t warrant the contraction. I can say “Robert’s car,” but I have to say “The car performs well for its owner, Robert.” Funny language, ours.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Jim,

    Thanks for your comment – I eventually managed to get back to checking this and have corrected “it’s” to “its” in the first paragraph. Thanks for the quick lesson, I’d never realised that “its”-possessive was an exclusion from the possessive rule. Well… I suspect Kerry-Anne will insist that she’s told me several times… :)

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