African Trading Port at the V&A Waterfront

African Curios
I'd never been into African Trading Port at the V&A Waterfront simply because living here we see so much African art that one tends to become a little jaded. On this visit to the V&A Waterfront we wandered inside and to be honest I was surprised at the wide variety of items that the shop had on offer.

Today's photo is of one of many containers absolutely filled with small statues of African animals carved from soapstone. Even though the store is located in a prime tourist area, these carvings cost only R10 each - which to me seemed like a fair bargain. (I can't say much for the price of the other items - I never really looked at prices.)

Even if you're not intending on buying anything, you should visit the shop just to see the huge variety of items sourced from all over Africa. You'll find African Trading Port located close to Den Anker and the NSRI slipway at the V&A Waterfront.

11 thoughts on “African Trading Port at the V&A Waterfront

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  3. Ali

    Isn’t this the building where the craft is exposed on, at least, two floors? I remember that we’ve been there and a black (!) shop assistant was after me the whole time in a way she gave me the feeling that she took me for a shoplifter. Not the first experience of that kind in ZA (in CPT in particular) but I refused to buy sth. and deciced to spend my shoplifter income in another huge market near the V&A Waterfront. :D

    Your post reminds me of two “canvas” I bought: The background is made in the style of rock surface and on the background are some wooden animals. I haven’t unpacked the pictures yet since I was quite sure that I wouldn’t live so long in my current flat…

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Lol, it wasn’t because you were black Ali – it’s because you’re German. :D

    (For the sake of other readers, I’m only kidding of course.)

  5. Ali

    With all the Germans in and around Cape Town, it sounds very plausible. :D

    (Btw: your side note reads like: No reason to lavish me with hate mails. :D)

  6. Paul

    Post author

    Lol, yes that’s exactly what it reads Ali. I made the first comment because it was funny and also because other readers may not know that you’re black – which may cause your first comment sound racist… and receive hate mail. ;)

  7. Ali

    *lol* I’m not sure if I’ve got the point: Have you already received hate mails or do you just want to use a pre-emptive note?

    If I caused any inconvenience to your readers or your mailbox: Sorry. I might close all my comments with: “Ali (Made of finest African-German chocolate)”. :D

  8. Paul

    Post author

    No no, not at all. Just a pre-emtive strike. ;)
    And no, you don’t have to! But, you could create a Gravatar if you like. :)

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