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Cinderella’s shoe of beads

Cinderella's shoe of beads
It's probably not that comfortable, but it is kinda pretty, don't you think?

I marvel at people ingenuity - being able to picture a shoe, or a bird, or a lizard in their mind's eye, and then being able to make it appear into existence using only beads and wires.

Beaded sheep, beaded chicken

Beaded sheep, beaded chicken
We found these farm animals wandering about in the Cape Quarter shopping center. Imagine having a couple of these in your garden. :)

Besides for the shopping center, or places like African Trading Port at the V&A Waterfront, I've seen the people who make them selling these kind of beaded animals along the road.

Specifically, I've often seen them near the Tyger Valley shopping center and on the M3, at the Kirstenbosch traffic lights. That said, if you keep your eyes peeled you'll see many similar beaded animals for sale along the road all over the peninsula.

The mafiosa

I've always thought there was something sinister about penguins. Perhaps it's the way they just stand there - or how when they move they waddle. Perhaps it's that dead pan poker-face. They're very creepy.

I took this photo at the African Trading Port at the V&A Waterfront.

African Trading Port at the V&A Waterfront

African Curios
I'd never been into African Trading Port at the V&A Waterfront simply because living here we see so much African art that one tends to become a little jaded. On this visit to the V&A Waterfront we wandered inside and to be honest I was surprised at the wide variety of items that the shop had on offer.

Today's photo is of one of many containers absolutely filled with small statues of African animals carved from soapstone. Even though the store is located in a prime tourist area, these carvings cost only R10 each - which to me seemed like a fair bargain. (I can't say much for the price of the other items - I never really looked at prices.)

Even if you're not intending on buying anything, you should visit the shop just to see the huge variety of items sourced from all over Africa. You'll find African Trading Port located close to Den Anker and the NSRI slipway at the V&A Waterfront.