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Barbed wire sky

Barbed wire
Those buildings in the distance are chicken broilers belonging to one of South Africa's largest chicken manufacturers. Oh, wait, manufacturers? I mean, they're one of South Africa's largest poultry producers.

Their brand name is County Fair (which I often mispronounce as Country Fair), but the company's actually called Astral Poultry, and produce feed, eggs, chickens and a variety of other poultry products.

Chicklets ‘n chickens

Chicklets 'n chickens
We recently spent some time with friends in the little town of Stanford. One of our outings was to the Klein Rivier Cheese Factory, just a kilometer or two outside of the town itself. We found these liddl' ones hustling about on the lawn - cute heh?

The farm itself has a small shop that sells cheese and other nibbly bits. Right next door is the farm's restaurant that serves an assortment of treats, including picnic baskets for two, filled with cheeses, meats, breads and wine. If you're in the area, it's certainly worth stopping in for lunch.

Beaded sheep, beaded chicken

Beaded sheep, beaded chicken
We found these farm animals wandering about in the Cape Quarter shopping center. Imagine having a couple of these in your garden. :)

Besides for the shopping center, or places like African Trading Port at the V&A Waterfront, I've seen the people who make them selling these kind of beaded animals along the road.

Specifically, I've often seen them near the Tyger Valley shopping center and on the M3, at the Kirstenbosch traffic lights. That said, if you keep your eyes peeled you'll see many similar beaded animals for sale along the road all over the peninsula.