Birdie nom nom

Birdie nom nom
This sign is located right outside the fast-food outlets at the V&A Waterfront. Due to the high concentration of seagulls, and to make the sign a little more accurate, I would have added "For your own safety..." to the front of the plea.

Do you remember the book or (as I do) the movie The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock? Do you think it's a co-incidence that this is called the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront? Neither do I. Don't feed the birds people! :D

8 thoughts on “Birdie nom nom

  1. Jonathan Carter

    I’ve never fed the birds at the Waterfront. They’ve always been perfectly capable of helping themselves to my food any time they feel like it! (and some of them are very sneaky)

  2. Ali

    The seagulls at the Baltic Sea are also quite sneaky. When I visited the Baltic Sea, I couldn’t resist feeding these thieves. One of the seagulls bite another one in the tail in the air when they battled for my food. :D

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Ali, isn’t it amazing how they’re able to play tug-of-war with food – while in flight!?

    Dieter, lol! I’ve never seen that actually, but that was good. :D

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