Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer

We found this dominant male buck and his small harem :) of Fallow Deer alongside the R310, heading out of Stellenbosch to the Spier estate. I use the word "harem" in jest, but in reality the reference is pretty much spot on as there's one dominant male buck that has fought for the right to mate with the females on the herd.

Although we spotted at least two males in the herd, the chance is great that only one of them will mate with the females. I believe it's a way of ensuring that the strongest survive and reproduce.

Do you know much about Fallow Deer, and exactly how one buck fights for dominance, and what happens when that male get's too old and is replaced by a younger, stronger, buck? Please leave a comment on this post!

2 thoughts on “Fallow Deer

  1. giliam oberholzer

    What a beautifull picture. The amazing thing is they lose those horns once a year.At a braai in Cradock district I ate some karoochops and later on was told it was the meat of fallow deer. Also saw once about five males in one herd, only males. Were told by landowner it is the bachelor group. Thanks.

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