Scary brown cows

Scary brown cow
I spent a long while, to no avail, trying to figure out what breed of cattle these are. Do you perhaps know? I though they were Jersey cows... but Jerseys appear to be a little lighter in colour, and these seem just a little fluffy, don't they?

As I approached the small herd, the big cow, and her wingman (wingwoman?) to the right of the photo, turned to stare me down. They sure do look mean, don't they? I was suddenly awfully glad that I was standing on the opposite side of the fence.

7 thoughts on “Scary brown cows

  1. Paul

    Post author

    You know Paul, I debated with myself for a while but eventually decided that I wasn’t convinced that it was Bonsmara because the bulls looked so different to the cows – and because even the cows seemed to have that strange dangly skin fron their necks.

    However, after your comment, I checked again and you may in fact be correct… the colour and texture of this one’s fur looks pretty much like the ones in my pic.

    Thanks! :)

  2. Lunachance

    These look to be beef cattle (not dairy). In America we have Limousin that are lovely, red cattle. There are also red Angus cows that look similar to those in the photos. I guess that spending time in 4-H pays off in trivial matters like these :)


  3. Paul

    Post author

    Lunachance, excuse my ignorance; what’s 4-H?

    So you reckon that they’re not dairy cows then. How does one tell this? We do get some Angus Cattle in South Africa – and I guess based on this photo you may have guessed correctly!

  4. Lunachance

    4-H is a youth program where youngsters participate in livestock raising and showing, sewing and quilting, various cooking programs and, more recently, raising service dogs (like guide dogs for the blind), smaller pets that can be raised in urban settings (chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc), and community service. A lot of farm kids grew up in this program. Now, most of the participants are from cities.


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