Largest antelope in Africa

Sticking more or less to the same theme as my previous post - this one shows a photo of Africa's largest antelope, the eland.

Male elands can grow to a mass of about 900kg whereas females generally don't exceed 600kg (probably because they watch what they eat and go to gym more often). What I find amazing about the eland is that even though they weigh so much, from a standing position they're able to jump about 2.5 meters into the air! I guess that shows how muscular those legs and thighs are!

Even though the Wikipedia article mentions that some South African farmers have switched from cattle to eland (due to eland being more hardy) I can't say that I've ever seen eland meat in the butchery or on a restaurant menu. Have you?

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  1. Ali

    Atm, I also eventually publishing all my animal pictures from ZA. I’m a little bit surprised that I haven’t already upload them. I have some photos of your gemsboks. They look so nice. But nothing can beat a cute lion cub! :D

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