Boxing at The Armoury

Boxing at The Armoury
We went along to watch one of Kerry-Anne's online friends fight at The Armoury Boxing Club in Woodstock. That's her, Nechama, in the black. This was the first boxing match that we'd ever attended, so it was pretty exciting - we weren't sure of exactly what the setup would be, and I guess we weren't really ready for the sheer brutality of the sport. That said, it was pretty awesome.

There were nine fights on the night, and even though we only had time to stay and watch two of them - I have to say that it was very entertaining. The interesting thing about the fights were that the contestants weren't boxing for points, or to decide a winner... which I guess does away with some of the complexity associated with the sport and makes it just a little more fun and perhaps less fierce.

This type of boxing (ie. non-competitive boxing) is referred to as "White Collar boxing" because the fighters are regular people - not professional athletes - and generally do boxing as a replacement for going to gym (which, don't you think, is an excellent idea!?).

If you're interested in going along to see a fight, take R50 and some extra cash for drinks to The Armoury in Woodstock on 29 July 2011. It's guaranteed to be a whole lot of fun. Below are a couple of photos that show a little more of the evening, but if you'd like to see a whole lot more, click through to our complete Boxing Night at The Armoury album.

3 thoughts on “Boxing at The Armoury

  1. Jonathan Carter

    Wow, this post has interesting timing. I stopped going to gym when I couldn’t drive with my South African drivers license anymore, when I got a local drivers’ license I decided to go back and sign up at the gym. Recently a boxing club opened right across the street me and some people suggested that I try boxing instead, and aparantly it’s really, really good excercise and less boring than going to the gym. I’ve considered it but I’m not really into the idea of getting beaten up or even hurting other people too badly. I’m tempted to go just for a tour and see what it’s like, but I’m quite susceptible to agreeing with things and jumping in and just doing it so I’ve been putting it off. Also, their website ( says that they want to generate olympic boxers… not that I want to flatter myself by implying I could do that, but I certainly don’t want to do that.

    If it’s more of a ‘white collar’ kind of boxing then maybe I’ll just go do it, it’s fun on the Wii at least :)

  2. Paul

    Post author

    DO IT Jonathan. :)

    I think, as long as you fight against contestants at your own level, it should be ok. You should give it a whirl for a while – if it’s not your thing, you can always head back to gym. But yes, it *has* to be far less boring, and I imagine you’d make more friends there than you’d make at a gym.

    “It’s fun on the Wii at least” – in that the tele doesn’t punch back so hard? :P

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