Best waffles in town?

Best waffles in town?
I took this photo inside of Den Anker, a well-known Belgian restaurant at the V&A Waterfront. But, before you go thinking that Den Anker serves the best waffles in town... allow me to tell you my story.

Several months ago we had waffles at a restaurant called Blonde, just behind the Company Gardens in Cape Town. The waffles that we had that night were undeniably the best that I'd ever (ever) tasted. I tried typing a sentence to describe how awesome they were, but I just can't seem to come up with something to adequately convey how great they really were.

Subsequent to our visit to Blonde, we were told that Den Anker sells great waffles - so, we naturally headed over there to give theirs a whirl. Unfortunately, even though they were pretty good (and a definite second-place contender) the waffles that we had at Blonde significantly outclassed any waffle we've ever had - including those at Den Anker.

Do you know who sells "the best" waffles? If so, and as long as you don't say Milky Lane, please do leave a comment on this post.

Blonde closed down for a little while - but I believe that they'll be opening again... in which case, you know where to find me. ;)

14 thoughts on “Best waffles in town?

  1. Jack

    I’m curious about how people get high enough to write on the walls. Some must have to climb onto the counters.

    Just hold your memory of the perfect waffle in your mind. No need to go looking for it again.

  2. Helen

    Hi Paul, you might be interested to know that Belgian Waffles are on now on the menu at Cafe Beluga (Blonde’s sister restaurant). I haven’t tried them yet, but I plan to!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Jack, it’s part of the decor. :)

    Glen, thanks for the tip – never been to Ramsgate actually.

    Helen, I may just owe you big-time. Thanks for the head’s up!

  4. Rogier

    Im rather surprised that the Belgian waffles at the Neighbourgoods Market in Salt River has not been mentioned, as I have tried all above mentioned places and I have to say the Biscuit mill is still the best. I’m french, but the bruxelles waffles they make at the Biscuit Mill is better than most I have tasted.

  5. Mike

    Hi there

    If you are looking for the best waffles in town .look no further!!!!!
    In strand witch is a short drive from cape town?you will find The BELGIAN WAFFLE HOUSE .Situated in beach road next to NICE ICECREAM SHOP.
    I grew up in ramsgate and i hade waffles every weekend at the waffle house there.they were graet.But i have to say that the belgian wafflehouse has better waffles…It is allso run by a real belgian lady from bruges.Enjoy!!

  6. Ester

    If you truly love waffles you have to make a turn in Muizenberg at The Boardroom, Andre the owner really knows how to make Belgium Waffles as perfect as it comes… you can also buy some to take home and freeze if you want to!!! Honestly a can’t miss experience.

  7. Olivia

    You should try the Wicked Waffle. They are in fews Cape Town markets; the Range Tokai Market, Bay Harbour Houtbay Market, Lourensford Harvest Market, Kirstenbosch Craft&Food Market, IloveBigBay Market as well as supplies some restaurants in town.

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