Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services

Bar-One Chocolate

"1st call for 27, chest pains, 26 year old... Wondering now... Panic attack possibly? Let's see what awaits us!" - medicnick83

This photo reminds me of that old 1985 Bar-One television advert about how firefighters allegedly prefer Bar-One to coffee... which in turn got me thinking about our fire and rescue services.

Cape Town's Fire and Rescue Services comprise 30 fire stations and are called into action to deal with fire emergencies, motor vehicle accidents - and, well, every kind of emergency situation from underwater to high-angle rescue!

Follow Medic Nick (a Cape Town volunteer medic and firefighter) on Twitter if you'd like on-the-ground insight into the life of the men and woman who we often only recognise as super heroes when we need them.

Report fires by dialing 107 from a landline or 021 480 7700 from a cellphone, or call Fire Control directly on 021 590 1900.

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