Sweets and things

Sweets and things
A friend grabbed my camera and shot this photo while we were standing in the queue at a local supermarket.

This got me thinking about the times that we've been to Australia, the US or Europe and how even, though we have an adequate array of sweet goodies, folk in those countries have dozens more options when it comes to satisfying their taste buds. It's just not fair! :)

Seeing this photo reminds me of the Mentos and Coke experiments... aren't they just awesome?

2 thoughts on “Sweets and things

  1. mjw

    In Cambodia and Vietnam they have almost no sweets or chocolates, bar, mainly, a few things imported from Thailand that you can find in small quantities in only a few places. You learn to appreciate what we have here in SA!

    (However, it is worth noting that their populations aren’t overweight!)

  2. Paul

    Post author

    @mjw – Perhaps it’s a case of you don’t miss what you don’t know?
    (TBH, we probably have enough – or more than enough – for my needs! :) )

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