Forests to walk in

Forests to walk in
While staying in Cape Town, and if you find accommodation close to the mountain (or Signal Hill and Lion's Head) you'll find plenty of easy-going hiking trails within walking distance. It's especially awesome to take an early-morning walk among the pine trees while the sun is rising and the air is crisp and cool.

However, don't walk alone - for many reasons it's just not safe. The first is in the event that you injure yourself (which likely if you suffer from dyspraxia :P ) you'll have a buddy to help you, and the second reason is that (although the chance is remote) you may come across someone with ill intent.

Don't go overboard now, I walk the trails without ever worrying about this problem, but Cape Town is a city with it's bad elements - so best be safe and not ruin your vacation.

I took this photo on the slopes of Lion's Head, just above the Round House restaurant that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and Camps Bay. If you drive there, you'll find a few places to stop and park your car so that you can take a short walk amidst the smell of fresh pines.

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  1. Ali

    One of the commmon warnings is, by the way, not to walk trails near the Table Mountain only alone or in a very small group to lessen the risk of attacks. :S In my opinion, the warning sounds very dodgy. But my friend Kristin and I decided to use the gondola to enter the Table Mountain! “Sicher ist sicher”, as the anxious German says. :D

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Again, thanks Ali. I find this kind of photo very difficult – all those bitty branches, and high contrast…

    While taking photos I saw several people either on their own, or walking in twos. You’re right, one should walk in a larger group – but a larger group isn’t always available… and it would be tragic to miss out on this scene (which looks *so much* better in real life).

    It’s difficult to advise on the issue… as you can see, I’m conflicted on the matter myself… because you can’t always apply the safety-first rule completely – you’d miss out on so much.

  3. Ali

    Right. If I could manage to stay again for a longer time in ZA, I would use more opportunities to discover that beautiful country with my camera. Unfortunately, animal pictures in my collection overbalance since I had to much fear that I could attract attention to me and my camera. But esp. in the CBD of Joburg, I found a lot of very nice pictures (and maybe stories).

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