A long long time ago

A long long time ago
Did you immediately recognise the item in the photo? Better yet, have you used one of these before?

Actually, I never had the privilege of using a manual typewriter - instead I recall the day's of typing school projects out on my mother's electric typewriter... but that sure was a long long time ago - I must have been about three at the time. :)

All over South Africa you'll find little gems like this used as decoration. I found this particular typewriter on the patio of the Royal Hotel in Riebeek Kasteel.

3 thoughts on “A long long time ago

  1. Emdee96

    I used to get end up in detention a lot, in those days punishment was dished out in 1 hour typing lessons, we used manual type writers. You would get a whack if your palms rested on the desk and you really had to push those keys!

    Turns out it was one of the better things that happened to me in school!

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  3. Mom

    Yes Paul I remember that but you were much older than three! The electric typewriter was much easier than the one that I had to learn to type on!

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