An old hotel patio

An old hotel patio
There's something charming about old hotels in small and remote towns, like Riebeek West. This is the front patio of the Royal Hotel. Unlike modern up-market hotels, this old colonial hotel was built right along the street with no huge bright-green lawn, large water fountains, and no undercover valet parking. :)

When we go away on vacation in South Africa we normally stay in B&Bs. After visiting here I think perhaps for our next local vacation we'll try to find an old colonial hotel like the Royal Hotel - just to get a feel for what it must have been like back in the day's of the Cape Colony.

See the beautiful evening photos on their website. The hotel was quaint and retro-stylish, but not as pretty as their website shows. Although, perhaps that's just because it wasn't lit as brightly since it was only mid-afternoon when we visited!

7 thoughts on “An old hotel patio

  1. Alex Bond-Smith

    My niece had her wedding here in April last year and we stayed over for the night. Lovely place BUT it was a bit like the comedy “Fawlty Towers”. The lack of management and service was a joke. It took 2 and a half hours for them to serve breakfast to a group of about 15 of us the next morning. Will not be going back there.
    I know the area well as my brother in law and another good friend live there. There are lots of lovely B&B’s and restaurants in the Valley.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks for your comment Alex. We visited the hotel for tea only, and I have to admit that the service was fairly slow. We eventually left our table and walked to the front desk to pay our bill. :-/ It is pretty though.

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  4. Christina

    I love this photograph and will put it on my list of places to stay on my next visit home. For years I have visited Matjiesfontein, just love to sit in the garden, swim in the green pool and take in that air. Thank you for this!

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