A beautiful landscape

A beautiful landscape
I wrote about the Royal Hotel in Riebeek West yesterday, and before that I showed you a photo of a pastel-blue building from that same town. This photo of the little town is taken from just outside its borders. If you've visited Riebeek West before, you'd immediately recognise the large church building.

Colourful vineyards, green fields, blue mountains, and billowing clouds. The late afternoon sun makes this such a beautiful landscape. I wonder if people living here ever become jaded towards its beauty.

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    Stunning pic Paul, it tugged at my heart strings.. I well remember my special trip to Riebeeck West, it was there in a little cafe (in the grounds of the church if I recall) that I met my match with a piece of chocolate cake.. mmm! it was like 1/4 of the cake! and i finished it, it was just so feather light and oh so chocolatey! Miss SA today! thanks for the posting ..

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