Slippery wet streets

Slippery wet streets
I drive a rear-wheel drive car with a fairly powerful engine and no traction control. Even though I've been driving her for some time now, on wet days like this I'm still caught off guard by how easily the car's wheels spin when I pull away from a dead stop on a wet road.

I realised again a few days ago (when I took advantage of a normally-safe gap in traffic) that it's actually incredibly dangerous to momentarily forget that roads are slippery when wet. Fortunately I knew to reduce the power, gain control and re-accelerate - and fortunately the car coming at me from behind was actually going slower than I at first thought it was.

Who recognises this town? It's not too difficult, click to zoom - there's huge clue right there in the photo.

4 thoughts on “Slippery wet streets

  1. Pamela

    Stellenbosch? If it is, then the honours go to the internet – “riman place” seemed likely to be Merriman Place, a quick Google and did the rest!

    Not sure if that was the clue you meant though! I did spend a while trying to work out what the black vertical sign was on the lovely cream building – until I realised it says Laundry!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    I never even thought of the plates Emdee96. They would probably have led you to think it was Paarl though. :)

    The birdgestone’s look hardcore – but then, in this weather and with the power the hood of you Lumina, I can’t blame you for wanting as much grip, control, and stability as possible!

    I have an old BMW 328. :)

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