A cow called Charpentier Magot

A cow called Charpentier Magot
What I know about cattle could be considered dangerous. No, not that kind of dangerous, I mean I really don't know much about them except that they seem to love having their photos taken.

The tag on this one's ear reads Magot, and while Kerry-Anne thought that the label may be a reference to the cow's owner's name, in fact, from what I can tell the Charpentier Magot is a breed of cow (and given the name) possibly originates from France.

If you have any interesting facts about the Charpentier Magot, please do leave a comment on this post. There really appears to be very little about the breed on the Web!

2 thoughts on “A cow called Charpentier Magot

  1. craig

    What a great shot – how inquisitive is he/she? Same here – nothing on the web about that type. Looks like a Fresian to me. Shows you what I know!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Craig. I’m not sure how it works, but this sure does look like a Friesland cow… I wonder if one gets a subclass of Friesland (ala Magot) or if a Magot is a totally different breed.

    Perhaps someone will fill us in some day.

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