The curious cows of Fair Cape

The curious cows of Fair Cape

I took a little drive out the back of Durbanville, along the Malanshoogte road that passes by the Fair Cape dairy, on the Kuiperskraal farm (map).

The small herd of cows in this photo were lying next to a little dam, peacefully swatting the odd fly with their respective tails. At first they were afraid, they were petrified, (they seemed to be) thinking "who's this strange tall beast standing by our side?" *. But, then curiosity set in and the young animals (feeling safe with superior numbers) slowly mustered into a semi-circle of curiosity.

Aren't cows cool?

5 thoughts on “The curious cows of Fair Cape

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Simple and gentle. Such apt descriptions!
    Somehow Craig, I don’t associate these cows with beef steak.

    Perhaps vegetarians have and advanced sense of empathy and association. Sometimes I do question being a meat-eater; but then nature takes over.

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  3. wandile

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