Fixing roads

Fixing roads
This vehicle is used build, or repair, roads. I'm guessing that the large caterpillar wheels are designed in that way to spread its weight across a larger surface - else the vehicle would be damaging more than it was fixing!

Roadworks are terribly inconvenient and seem to appear from nowhere at the least opportune time; which is normally when I'm running late. But, even though they're frustrating at the time, I'd far rather have the momentary inconvenience than a lifetime of dodgy roads!

4 thoughts on “Fixing roads

  1. Tania

    Oh, that is ab absolutely beautiful photo! It makes my tummy feel all full of fluttercogs. If ever I won a trip to Paris, I would ask if I could exchange it for a trip to an open-pit mine to look at the big vehicles and the other machines.

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