High-speed stroller

High-speed stroller
Following on from yesterday's photo, No fun here!, where the city council forbade rollerbladers, cyclists, and skateboarders from using the Sea Point promenade, I present a photo of a super-fit mother speeding recklessly along the very same walkway! :O

I'm only kidding of course, she's great to be teaching her baby about the importance of exercise at such a young age, but I did find it amusing to see her speeding over the signs posted in my previous post. Imagine a police office ticketing her for racing around with her stroller (normally called a pram in South Africa). :D

On a side-note: I was in Las Vegas about a year or two ago and was confused for about 5 minutes over a sign at the entrance to the Wynn casino resort. It read "No strollers allowed". At the time I wondered if I would be allowed to enter the building since my intent certainly was to stroll around inside! I felt a little silly inside when I realised they meant prams. :)

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