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High-speed stroller

High-speed stroller
Following on from yesterday's photo, No fun here!, where the city council forbade rollerbladers, cyclists, and skateboarders from using the Sea Point promenade, I present a photo of a super-fit mother speeding recklessly along the very same walkway! :O

I'm only kidding of course, she's great to be teaching her baby about the importance of exercise at such a young age, but I did find it amusing to see her speeding over the signs posted in my previous post. Imagine a police office ticketing her for racing around with her stroller (normally called a pram in South Africa). :D

On a side-note: I was in Las Vegas about a year or two ago and was confused for about 5 minutes over a sign at the entrance to the Wynn casino resort. It read "No strollers allowed". At the time I wondered if I would be allowed to enter the building since my intent certainly was to stroll around inside! I felt a little silly inside when I realised they meant prams. :)



Don't you find that you spend far too much time behind your computer screen? Ah, perhaps not you, but I certainly do. Many years ago (as mentioned yesterday) I was painting the town red on my skateboard, with the result that I had pretty okay leg muscles. I've found that over the subsequent years, with plenty of time spent sitting at my computer, these have atrophied and shortened to a point where I now regularly suffer knee and lower-back pain.

I stand in awe of guys like AB De Villers (the cricketer in the photo) - how does a man possibly flex like that? Well, I guess that the answer to my problem is to get off my butt and exercise those muscles. So, although I know that it's not enough, I've begun stretching and strengthening my leg muscles in the mornings as part of my start-of-day routine, and I've also decided to walk up the five flights of stairs to my office instead of taking the elevator.

The challenge now is to keep on doing this. :-/

This coming weekend is jam-packed with things to do. On Saturday we celebrate our wedding anniversary, and Cape Town hosts the Two Oceans Marathon. Sunday we'll be covering what will hopefully be an entertainingly inept group of "cricketers" at our first GeekCricket event, and then on Monday we'll be joining thousands of people at the Coke Zero Fest, which is essentially 10 hours of live music.