Light at the end

Light at the end
Winchester Mansions in Sea Point has recently had a significant make-over - and while I'm sure it was all for the best, I think I'll miss the old charm.

Kerry-Anne and I had breakfast at the hotel - and while the food was perfectly good, and the service impeccable, I wouldn't recommend it as a place to have breakfast unless you're actually staying in the hotel. The breakfast area is tucked away inside the hotel, with no views to the outside - and there really are plenty of places in the area with far more beautiful views.

Still, even though the breakfast spot isn't wonderful, on the plus side, I think Winchester Mansions will remain my favourite place for Sunday afternoon tea and scones!

4 thoughts on “Light at the end

  1. Linda

    What about the exterior of Winchester Mansions? Did they destroy that as well?
    It’s one thing to restore the interior to it’s original glory. But to turn it into a modern facility is such a short sighted thing. The commercialization of Sea Point, Clifton and Camps Bay have lost their original charm and beauty. Now they look like other resorts around the world. The 12 Apostles have also given up much of their hillside where huge obscene homes have been built.
    I believe laws have been passed to prevent more of the ignorant greedy rich from destroying the most beautiful city in the world.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    No, I don’t think they changed the outside (much) Linda. I’m guessing that the inside was changed to allow for more business (ie. more space).

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