11 thoughts on “Recognise this?

  1. Deems

    Just shows you how much I frequent Durbanville – didn’t even know there was one there. Did recognize it as a mill immediately though – nice angle :)

  2. RiD1

    oh i thought it was the windmill you see when you drive on that road tomuizenberg from de waal drive… I think its the m3, im not sure cos im not good with road names.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Neither did I Deems! I did a double-take when I spotted it down a side street.

    Ali, you mean that you think it’s Mostert’s Mill? ;)

    RiD1, yeah, that’s the one that I thought everyone would think it was. But no no – I’ll post another pic in a sec or three.

    Craig – a lighthouse with a weird-trellis running down the side? :P I know the lighthouse that you’re thinking of. It’s interesting how obvious it seems to me (that it’s a mill) but then I’ve seen the full picture so it’s difficult for me to see it as anything else.

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  5. Ali

    Nope, Paul. One can read your question like “what unspecific object (house, dog, windmill etc.) does the picture show”. And therefore, I second Deems that it is a windmill. Since I have been to ZA only for half a year, I’m not really able to identify object except of typical tourist attractions or landmarks like the Table Mountain or the Soweto Twin Towers. :)

  6. Linda

    Any one of you old enough to remember Spotty Dog on the way to Muizenberg? It was a snack bar built to resemble a dog. Unfortunately it was torn down. Another landmark gone.

  7. Paul

    Post author

    Nope, afraid I’m far too young to remember Spotty. But yes, it’s a pitty that things are sometimes taken down / dismantled. Sometimes it’s necessary, and at other times it’s just on someone’s whim. I guess though, owners can do with their property as they please. :)

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