Freshwater fishing in Durbanville

Freshwater fishing in Durbanville
One of the few places in Durbanville to relax for an afternoon with a fishing pole is the Majik Forest. It's difficult to see the young boy's fishing pole - but if you look really closely you will see it. He seemed to have been sitting there for quite some time waiting for a fish to bite, which to me is extremely impressive. I'm bored after 5 minutes of watching the float bob on the water's surface!

5 thoughts on “Freshwater fishing in Durbanville

  1. Michael Rolfe

    That pair of legs in denim looks really suspicious. It appears that the deep peace being experienced by the fisherman, who is clearly a psychopathic serial axe-murderer (or perhaps he used a gaffe?), is really the result of having claimed another victim.

    However, he has made a rather hasty botched job of disposing of the body.

    Or maybe it’s just his girlfriend, patiently waiting and hoping to get some attention.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    He’s still young emdee96; he has plenty of time – and besides, it’s best to experience the bad to know the good.

    It is a pretty tranquil spot Craig… it’s perfect for faking fishing and just lying on the grass enjoying the sunshine.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Michael, naa, I don’t think it was his girlfriend. A girl would *never* wear *those* jeans. I’d give the serial axe-murderer a second thought, but then, I don’t think the liddl guy looked strong enough to wield such a weapon. I’d rather suggest that it could have been his dad. Did you notice the chain running from his right leg towards the mysterious person in jeans? I think he was probably being forced to fish for food. I mean, which kid would willingly spend the afternoon fishing when there’s an assortment of X-Box and PS games to be played? It just makes no sense.

    Disclaimer: For the sake of sensitive readers, Michael’s teasing and I’m only kidding. We don’t force our kids to fish for food in South Africa. ;)

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