Silver Strand, Robertson

Dam fishing
The scene in this photo reminds me of the many holidays that our family spent at the Silver Strand caravan park in Robertson. For reference, Robertson is a small farming town about 150KM from Cape Town - deep in wine country. :)

The camping site that we called home for 2 or 3 weeks each year was built just outside of the town, along the Breede River – and the particular spot that I use to fish from looked almost exactly like the spot in this photo.

Browse the Breede Adventures photo stream on Flickr. It looks to me as though some of the photos could have been taken at the Silver Strand park (map).

Just to ensure no confusion, I took this photo at the Majik Forest in the Durbanville area - quite far from Robertson. :)

6 thoughts on “Silver Strand, Robertson

  1. Chantel

    can you tell me if silver strand is still up and running, i went there many years ago with my parents. now im married and would like to there again.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    I heard that the older part of the park is still open, but the green section from the pool until across the small stream has been developed into housing. I’m not sure if the park still accommodates caravans or if it’s only tent accommodation these days. If you’re not into tenting then I suspect you should be able to hire a self-catering spot in the new development – you could Google: robertson golf estate.

  3. Tania

    The caravan park at silver strand has re-opened in November 2013 under new management apparently. They only have a caravan park and are busy putting a pool in.

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