Spring blossoms

Spring blossoms
Even though our flora got a little confused this year and started blossoming just a little early, now that it's spring our countryside, gardens and parks are filled with even more blooming blossoms.

The subject in the photo above is a small tree that stood about four or five meters high. The tree had very few leaves but was covered in the little pink blossoms that you can see in the photo. I have no idea, but do you perhaps know what kind of tree it may be? Please leave a comment below if you do!

5 thoughts on “Spring blossoms

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Oh hey, Craig, I think you’re right! I’ve heard of Cherry Blossoms, but never seen them – or so I thought. They’re awesome!

    I’ve been meaning to take a drive up the West Coast to see the flowers – but alas have thus far not managed to get out there!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    @mjw – The tree was kinda woody – sticky. The whole tree looked more or less like the section in the photo. The whole tree was a little shapeless though.

    I can see why you’re thinking plum – my parents had a plum tree once and the flowers did look remarkably similar to these.

    Thanks Alka – I’m now not sure… Cherry Blossom or Plum – I found pics on the web that make them look so similar!

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